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Here are several links to one of my most favorite female vocalists, Laura Branigan whose powerful voice impressed me much in the middle eighties and stayed on my list of mostly adored singers.

Unfortunately she is no longer with us physically. After only 47 years of living she passed away on Thursday, August 26th 2004 by a Aneurhysma in her brain. This Homepage will remain in the Memories of a powerful singing woman.


Here you will find diverse home pages with data about her life and work. On the top is the official website of her musical work.

If you wish to leave a commend or recommendation for other Laura Branigan links, please mail me!

Please agnoledge that I am not responsible for the contence of the sites which are listed here or for the opinnion of those who provide them.

  1. Laura Branigan official Homepage
  2. Laura Branigan in Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
  3. Laura Branigan - Biography
  4. Mohamed's LauraBranigan home page!
  5. Laura Branigan - Links & Message Board
  6. Laura Branigan Fans
  7. UBL: Laura Branigan Links, Laura Branigan Biographies, Laura
  8. Laura Branigan: Presence in movies and TV shows Laura Branigan Lyrics
  9. Laura's Passing

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