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Nobody in the World of pop music has polarized the opinions of the people so much and so ambitously like her, the so called "queen of pop", Madonna Louise Veronica Cicccone.

Her changes in style, sound and performance have moved the people all over the world those who adore her and those who condemn her. She has plotted the trends of music media and live shows for more than 20 years and is still good for surprises, unpredictable and creative.

I first heared about her when her Debut song "Holiday" has been released in 1983. But she didn't say much to me by this song.

The first real impressive song by her which required my attention was "Material Girl" in 1984. Since that tune I belonged to the people who are positively impressed by her work. That Adoration grew higher when her third album "True Blue" came out which contains many mega-hits of her which are still on the personal chart of mine.

In my Madonnary I wish to acumulate the afforts of others who think and feel like me and adore that great performing artist and strong woman, leadress of generations of female vocalists, solo or in groups. I know that I can only collect a small amount of sites here. But I want to present as many links and Home Pages on this page as possible.

I just want you to agnoledge that I am not responsible for the contence of the linked sites or the opinion of those who provide them.

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"Music makes the people come together"

Madonna: "Music", 2000

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