I hope that the look at this page is no waste of energy for you and that your mental resources can be charged higher by scanning this list below. May you find things of any interest and be aware that this page is no static object. It is able to absorbe more links ad sites of any physics based interest.

Thorsten Oberbossel


  1. 13 Physik, the physics department of the university of Marburg.
  2. Astrophysics@
  3. Atomic Physics
  4. Biophysics
  5. Chaos@
  6. Condensed Matter
  7. Conferences
  8. Crystallography
  9. Fluid Dynamics@
  10. High-Energy and Particle Physics
  11. Holograms@
  12. Institutes
  13. Journals
  14. Lasers
  15. Magnetism
  16. Nuclear Physics
  17. Optical Engineering@
  18. Plasma Physics
  19. Publications
  20. Quantum Chemistry@
  21. Scientific Constants@
  22. Superconductivity
  23. Superluminal Travel
  24. Theoretical Physics
  25. X-Ray
  26. Stephen Hawking's Universe
  27. www.physik.de
  28. FAQ - Physics

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