Since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by the dream of flying through the infinit space. But they older I grew they more I calmed down. I know that I maybe won't be able to join a space flight. But I am still fascinated by the afforts of scientists, engineers and astronauts who made it a real adventure of our days to enter and explore the space around the Earth and want to go further into the universe.

I know that the NASA's Pathfinder Mission to Mars has impressed and enjoyed many people in the world even though there was criticism of people who said that the financial expenses for this project would have been spent to solve Earthan problems first. But this criticism is all around the work of space exploration and it makes somebody forget that many technical aids for Earthan problems small and big have been created during or basing on space exploration experience. So have a lucky lift-off and orbit around my list to get more knowledge about the region outside the Earthan atmosphere.

Thorsten Oberbossel


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